Seismic Table Project

The following ongoing research corresponds to an internal fund of the Universidad de Santiago of Chile to improve and strengthen the teaching processes with innovative practices. Project carried with Rodrigo Martin.

Defining structural criteria and incorporating them to the architectural design process is essential in a seismic country like Chile. This subject is introduced in a theoretical and practical way at the Architecture School of the already mentioned university. This project seeks to incorporate methodologies of seismic analysis and experimental design to the 2nd year design workshop. For this, we propose the design and manufacture of a seismic table to test the effects of earthquakes in structure models. This tool will replace an old seismic table, improving its functioning and accuracy.

The project will be developed in 4 stages:

First, we will determine the parameters required for the design of the table. Secondly, we will design and manufacture the table, according to the previous research. Afterwards, the table will be implemented in the design workshop. Finally, the results will be diffused.

Currently, we are developing and building the first prototype of the table, using recycled elements, a stepper motor, an arduino circuit and specific pieces printed in a 3D printer.



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