CNC Furniture

This was an academic project by 3rd year students at the Architecture School of Universidad de Santiago. The course begins with the assignment to design a furniture piece to manufacture with a CNC machine. The model needed to consider only assembled joints and a maximum of 2 wood pannels of 9 mm thick. There was one more condition for the project: it could not be built by its own authors, it had to be built by a complete different team. 6 teams developed a model each and then prepared the necessary information to manufacture it. This information was exchanged between groups, so they would not build their own project.

Students of the course: G. Acosta, T. Amaral, M. Araya, L. Becar, P. Cid, S. Contreras, A. Correa, J. Estay, F. Fernandez, A. Ferrada, F. Gaete, C. Gonzalez, D. Gutierrez, M. Inostroza, A. Jara, A. Jorquera, R. Larrere, P. Miranda, A. Molina, J. Mundaca, P. Ortiz, M. Parra, C. Quilodran, V. Sanchez, C. Tapia, B. Troncoso, C. Ubeda, I. Yañez, C. Zuñiga


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