Approaches to a scientific teaching methodology of Architecture

(with Hugo Pérez and Diego Moya – Paper presented at the 2nd National Meeting of Theory and History of Architecture, January 2016, Universidad de Santiago de Chile – To be published in the proceedings of the meeting).

This text is about a methodology developed in the second year Laboratory class at the School of Architecture of the University of Santiago. This unique subject of the school’s academic curriculum emerges as a pedagogical effort of the curricular network in the year 2001, with the ambition to foster an ˝experimental doing˝ of the students. We have denominated the modality of the course To Materialize = To State. The methodological proposal emerges from an intuitive pragmatic fluctuation, whose contribution is to open a Theory of Architecture that originates from the student’s recognition of the phisyical phenomenons that characterizes the living space. The result is a practice in the classroom that turns into materializations and evaluations, a generator of models and experimental prototypes. The main aim is to sensitize the students in their creative practice, strengthening the Architectural Design process of the Workshop, a conductive and structural class of the Faculty of Architecture.


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